Panda Points

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Earn points

You get 5 points for every £1 you spend. Plus, 20 points when you sign up. Check out all the main ways to earn on the widget on your bottom left corner. We also often gift extra Panda Points for filling out our surveys!

Redeem your points

You can redeem your points for discounts and hopefully, in the future, cool exclusive merchandise!

For every 50 panda points, you get £1 off in a one-time purchase, or for 100 panda points, you can get £3 off on your subscriptions.

Points and Discounts that don't expire

Your rewards do not expire! You can use the discount code as soon as you redeem your points, or once you need to purchase a new product. The discount code does not expire, but it can only be used once.

There is a widget at the bottom left corner of your screen!

There you can choose whether you want to redeem your points for a discount on one-time purchases or for subscriptions.

Rewards > If you are not logged in, make sure to click on sign in > ways to redeem > select what you prefer

For every 50 panda points, you get £1 off in a one-time purchase, or for 100 panda points, you can get £3 off on your subscriptions.

Do note that if you redeem it for one-time purchases, you will not be able to use it for a subscription and vice-versa

If you redeemed a coupon and can't find it anymore to use at checkout.

Go to the rewards widget on the bottom left side corner of your screen and click on 'Your rewards

You have X rewards available'

Here you will see the coupons you have redeemed and be able to copy the code to use.

No! Unfortunately, our system only allows you to use one discount code at a time.

Once you have redeemed your points, the reward programme generates a code. It works exactly like a regular discount code. So you'll have to choose whether you want to use the discount code from your points or the one provided to you via marketing campaigns.

Do note that usually our marketing campaigns have an expiration date, but not the reward points and the codes generated by them.

Check out our FAQs here

From our customers


Not only are the products great quality but I love knowing that every purchase also makes a difference in the world. Easy to order, great customer loyalty plans, and a quick delivery.


My most recent order cost me absolutely nothing because of the panda points I've been collecting with our toilet roll subscription! A great system with real rewards!

Alexandra L.

Great range of products, easy ordering, swift delivery and good communications plus you get reward points with purchases

Samantha S